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I wanted to take the time today to reflect on the past month, and to introduce a series that I have been working on for quite a while now called Don’t Speak, a collection of stories and an in depth analysis on major events and issues that are not discussed enough in society. Additionally, I

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Good Things Takes Time

A reminder for anyone going through the process of recovery. “People are always telling me that things will get better soon,” He said. “But I’m tired of waiting for change.” That day, my friend confided in me that he had not been happy for a long time. He was growing impatient in watching others living

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5 Warning Signs of a Manipulative Friend

No friendship is perfect. It’s unavoidable to encounter challenges in any relationship, even with the friends whom we feel closest to. Yet in the long run, our best friends should be the people we can trust and feel comfortable with. When we share history with someone, we tend to overlook things they do that don’t feel

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