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Can You Always Be Positive?

True happiness isn’t forever, it might not even be for a while. It is found in the moments we least expect it, and sometimes hidden in the times we need it most. Happiness is fleeting. When I say that happiness doesn’t last forever, I don’t mean that in a such a cynical way. I say

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I wanted to take the time today to reflect on the past month, and to introduce a series that I have been working on for quite a while now called Don’t Speak, a collection of stories and an in depth analysis on major events and issues that are not discussed enough in society. Additionally, I

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Learning to Trust Yourself

From a young age we become accustomed to chasing recognition and approval- whether that may be from our classmates or our teachers. It’s not always easy to catch this habit. We rely on others in many forms. Sometimes, it’s asking someone whether or not you should post a photo. Other times it’s something much more

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